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Here is the Story...

As I stand before you today, I bring a narrative that weaves together the threads of my engineering background, my experience as a journalist, and my passion for art. My journey in materials science, deeply rooted in my engineering degree, has always been about more than just equations and experiments. It's been a quest to uncover the stories hidden within the atomic and molecular structures of the materials I work with. During my undergraduate years, journalism opened my eyes to the power of storytelling. This skill, combined with the analytical thinking honed through my engineering studies, has shaped my unique approach to science. By day, as I delve into the world of polymeric membranes and nanotechnology, I see each challenge not just as a scientific problem, but as a story waiting to be told. By night, this perspective comes alive through my digital art and photography. Here, I translate the complexities of materials science into visual narratives that are both engaging and enlightening. My art is a humble attempt to bridge the gap between the intricate world of engineering and the broader public.

In this journey, I've learned that my engineering degree isn't just a testament to my technical skills, but a foundation for a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving. It's allowed me to view materials science not just through the lens of a scientist, but as a storyteller and artist, making the field accessible and relatable to everyone. As I continue on this path, I am reminded of the beauty that emerges when we blend diverse disciplines. My story is a testament to the fact that in the world of science and engineering, there's always room for creativity, narrative, and the human touch. This is the message I hope to share with you all – that the fusion of science, art, and storytelling can lead to extraordinary discoveries and insights.




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