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MXenes: The two-dimensional influencers

    Mostafa Dadashi Firouzjaei, Mohammadsepehr Karimiziarani, Hamid Moradkhani, Mark Elliott, Babak Anasori

MXenes have significantly impacted materials science and nanotechnology since their discovery in 2011. Theoretical calculations have predicted more than 100 possible compositions of MXenes and lab-scale fabrication of more than 40 MXene structures has been reported to date. The unique characteristics of MXenes have made them an ideal fit for a wide variety of applications, including energy storage, environmental, electronics, communications, gas and liquid separations and adsorption, biomedical, and optoelectronics. MXene attracted many researchers, and as a result, publication trends on MXene have grown exponentially in recent years. By 2021, MXenes have already shown promise in several research areas, including energy storage devices, electromagnetic interference shielding, nanocomposites, and hybrid materials. In parallel, new applications are emerging where MXenes outperform other nanomaterials, such as in tribology. MXene compositions are also being expanded rapidly. Here, we briefly overview the history, properties, trends, and application of MXenes to better understand their potentials and familiarize new audiences with this 2D material family.
                             Type                         Editorial
                             Publication           Materials Today Advances
                             Date                          March 2022
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  title={MXenes: The two-dimensional influencers},
  author={Firouzjaei, Mostafa Dadashi and Karimiziarani, Mohammadsepehr and Moradkhani, Hamid and Elliott, Mark and Anasori, Babak},
  journal={Materials Today Advances},

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