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Sustainable Material Science

As a material scientist specializing in polymeric membranes, my work is integral to advancing green energy technologies. My expertise in developing and enhancing these membranes is crucial for energy-efficient applications, including energy storage and environmental sustainability. My role in this field is driven by a commitment to contribute to a sustainable future, focusing on innovative materials that address key challenges in energy and environmental sectors. This aligns with my professional and personal ethos of fostering a greener, more sustainable world.

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Advanced Materials

The study assesses the environmental impact of Ti3C2Tx MXene production, highlighting lab electricity use as the main contributor and suggesting sustainable practices like using recycled materials and renewable energy.


Applied Eng. Materials

The study demonstrates that Ti3C2Tx MXene membranes effectively remove various metal ions from an organic solvent, highlighting their potential in microelectronics for efficient ion filtration.

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MRS Bulletin

MXenes, versatile 2D materials with high conductivity, are explored for applications in energy, environment, and biomedicine, with a focus on synthesis methods and computational property analysis.

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Small Methods

This research optimizes the synthesis of titanium carbide MXene, achieving high electrical conductivity and improved yield, with a focus on etching and delamination processes.

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